Cristina Mansfield, Esq.

Cristina Mansfield received her law degree from Vermont Law School in 2014 and manages a solo practice in Manchester, Vermont. She holds a Master’s Degree in Agribusiness from Kansas State University, where she was named Alumni Fellow in 2014, and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the Kennedy School of Government.

While in law school, Attorney Mansfield participated in internships and legal clinics with prosecutors from Rutland, Windsor, and Windham Counties, Vermont. Upon admittance to the Vermont Bar, she spent six months interning with judges in Addison and Rutland Counties. In 2015 she entered the Vermont Bar Association Incubator Program administered by VBA and Vermont Law School and has been managing her own firm since.

Attorney Mansfield’s interest in the law started during her career in international development where she managed projects and evaluated a wide range of community development and good governance programs in Cambodia. While there, she also founded a small non-profit organization that produced resources for local community development organizations (NGOs). She continues to oversee evaluations of small projects in Cambodia. In 2006 she began a program to train activists from around the world, often from low literacy populations, teaching them how to organize campaigns to change policies and laws.


Attorney Mansfield brings her interest in educating the public to her practice of law. She is a proficient linguist who masters French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, and Khmer (Cambodian), and welcomes clients in need of cultural sensitivity.

In 2006, Attorney Mansfield moved to Vermont. She is a past Vice President of Vermont Reading Partners and continues to participate in the training of reading tutors each year. She spent 18 months on the Rutland Re-Entry Panel for restorative justice. She also works as an election official in Manchester, in keeping with her interest in free and fair elections.